Welcome to the web site dedicated to our Walnut orchards, Trees for Sale and all things nutty.

This site contains all the information on our orchard, trial varieties and the retail trees from specialist Juglans & Carya nursery De Smallekamp, Tree Nursery De Acht Plagen both of the Netherlands and Walnuts-Bulgaria.  We also graft a small amount of trees ourselves from scion wood collected in the Uk of interesting cultivars and seedlings, including our own very unique ones here on the farm.

The 3 nurseries have been providing us with many different varieties of cultivated Juglans & Carya from around the world to trial in our South Warwickshire orchards and to sell to other nut enthusiasts, collectors and commercial growers in the UK, the vast majority are new to UK cultivation and have the potential to be good nut producers here.

In 2024 we will have cultivars from the the following species available from Autumn onwards;

Red english walnuts, black walnuts, butternuts, heartnuts, buartnuts, pecans, hickories, hicans and of course normal english nuts (desert, dwarf & giant).

Update 28th April 2024