Welcome to our site dedicated to our Walnut orchard and the walnut trees, nuts & oil available from Granary Oils.

All the information on our orchard, trial varieties and the retail trees from specialist Juglans & Carya nursery De Smallekamp, Tree Nursery De Acht Plagen both of the Netherlands and Walnuts-Bulgaria.

They have been providing us with many different varieties of cultivated Juglans & Carya from  around the world to trial  in our South Warwickshire orchard and to sell to other nut enthusiasts, collectors and commercial growers in the UK.

We have some exciting cultivated nuts that are new to the UK market and promise to be fantastic fruit providers.

Update 18th January 2022

We are now selling 3 varieties of heartnut and 4 red walnut varieties, we have a small number of pot grown desert walnuts left as well.

We also now have A117-Kesei & Bonifac cultivars which are very late leaf and have large nuts, these are the latest Hungarian cultivars and are growing strongly here. These are very difficult to get hold of so first come.

We still have some bare-rooted commercial varieties for large scale planting (Lara, Franquette, Fernor Fernette & Chandler). Prices for these are now on our updated price list on https://www.warwickshirewalnuts.co.uk/price-list/

New Red Kernal Variety from Russia, we have around 20 of each of the new Red varieties available