Spring & Male Catkins

2022 has been another strange, if much better spring. Very dry with less than 25% of normal rainfall (irrigating already!)and although it was frosty on and off until min April it’s been generally Ok since then with only a few leaves catching a cold.

The regular frost has meant we have the odd situation of most of the earlier cultivars breaking bud but having delayed leaf growth, they’re now covered in juvenile leaves when most would be in full leaf. The later varieties like Fernor, Franquette and A117 Kesei will probably be not much later.

There are quiet a lot of male flowers nearing pollen drop on some cultivars and like Lara below they don’t have much leaf yet, female flowers are just appearing on Mars, Jupiter and Broadview but other varieties are later still (out of sync!).

The small new heartnuts (with some help from fleece) have faired better than most years and should get a decent season to put on growth and try and recover some of the lost last 4 years. A few new cultivars gone in this year and a few new ones will go in later this year and we’ll have 14 cultivars if they all survive.

Pecans, Hickories and Hicans all seem to be getting a decent start this year (again fleece has helped) and although they won’t catch up from previous years they should start putting on top growth now that the tap roots have really gone down. We intend to add another half a dozen Ultra Northern cultivars next year, our supplier is still struggling to get decent pecan rootstocks in Europe which has set back things 2 years.


Hill Frost Test

Just planted 3 late leafing varieties on our highest bit of ground as a test for a future orchard.

We’re hoping the extra 30m will make a significant different for late spring frosts, time will tell but the last few years have shown this to be a good site.

The 3 trees are Franquette, Chandler and the red kernel Kardinal.


Summer at last

Well after what has to be the oddest weather this spring and early summer we finally have some heat.  We’ve irrigated less than normal, a bit in March and then occasionally until this week and now proSummer is here!bably quite regularily!

The cold April & May did for a lot of the male flowers, some of our seedling trees did the best but by the end of May nothing seemed to have male flowes but a lot of varieties had female flowers!

Lara (picture below) seems to have done the best and for young trees (in for 7 years) have quite a good crop, there are some Broadview, Buccaneer, Jupiter and the much younger Fernor & Fernette have some nuts.  The only Red variety with nuts is Red Seal but they’re all mostly very young trees. We have a few new varieties to plant this Autumn that are late into leaf (compared with most Red ones).

Young Lara planted Autumn 2014Facebooktwitter

Late season!

Finally we’re starting to see juvenile leaves on most varieties of walnut with Fernor & Lara & Bonifac & Kesei just about breaking the terminal bud.

I’d estimate flowering will be 3-5 weeks late this year but as long as we have a reasonable summer we should be ok for a good crop as it’s actually rained quite a lot and warmed up somewhat.

The Carya & Heartnuts are also breaking bud although they all started early in April and then got stopped by the cold weather.

Fingers crossed that this year we have no late May frosts!Facebooktwitter

De Smallekamp Trees

We have been informed that De Samllekamp are not grafting this winter which means we will not have any of their trees this coming year 2021.

We are hoping that they will be back to normal next winter but it does mean we have no Carya cultivars of any sort this coming year having sold out this autumn. Nor will we have any Giant or Dwarf trees.

We are hoping to have a selection of new exciting and hard to find Heartnuts and Red Walnuts subject to grafting in January, we will post detail when we know for sure.

We still have a stock of Pot Grown and duirng the winter Bare-Rooted walnut cultivars.


Harvest Time!

First batch of walnuts in the new drier ready for sale, Red Dabube is a strikingly deep red this year.

Dried walnuts

Dried nuts will be available to buy on the Granary Oils site this week.

We will also have a new supply of grafted walnut trees later this autumn, pot grown and bare-rooted, contact Tom for more details, 07816674854


Dwarf Walnut

Mini Multiflora No 9., lovely nuts, about 30mm in shell, pale kernel and good taste.

This was off a tree that was planted two years ago and has been flowering from March to August.


Leaves have appeared!

Bud break is well under way now, some of the earlier varieties are now into juvenile leaf but the later ones are still a few weeks off, the buds on the likes of Franquette, Fernor, Chandler etc haven’t even started to swell yet.  We’re praying we don’t get a hard mid May frost like last year which really knocked back the young trees especially.

This year it looks like the trees are at least a week or so early but the frosts at the end of March just slowed things down again.

As the trees get more mature it’s very apparent which varieties will be some of the most prolific pollinators as well, Broadview & Jupiter looks especially busy.

Broadview flowers
Broadview with male flowers

One or two female flowers starting to appear as well although they’re no quite receptive yet.

The heartnuts are all in juvenile leaf now, they seem to come into leaf early like the first English Walnuts.

Juglans x bixby
A heartnut/Buartnut in flower, we think this is a seedling tree, probably Juglans x bixby