Trees to Buy

In 2023 we again ha a range of cultivated Juglans and Carya cultivars of various species. We expect a full range again in 2024.

Although we’ve selected these trees for their fruiting qualities many also make spectacular trees.

We do graft a small number of the more unusual trees here and will expand that as we get more scion wood (and more consistent results!).

These trees are sourced from a couple of specialist nurseries in the Netherlands, De Smallekamp who hold a Dutch National collection of Carya and De Acht Plagen who between them have a vast range of specialist and rare fruiting nuts in the Juglandaceae family.

After the terrible heat of summer 2022 we now grow all newly grafted Juglans cultivars in the ground and lift in late autumn for despatch, the exception are the Carya cultivars which are grown on in Air-pots with drip irrigation and will be available in late September we hope.

In addition to these Dutch grafted trees we also import bare-root grafted trees from Bulgaria each winter for immediate sale or to grow on, these are high yielding varieties for larger commercial plantings. We can advise on which varieties to order depending on required outcome (wet/dried or Oil) and supply French, US, Hungarian & Bulgarian.

We aim to offer a good selection of different Juglans regia cultivars, the main desert nuts (normal English Walnut) will generally be the larger Bulgarian grown cultivars and the smaller winter grafted trees are generally the rarer walnuts;

Red kernels, Dwarf trees, Giant Nuts, Heartnuts, Buartnuts, Black walnuts, Butternuts, Pecans, Hickories, Hicans.

The availability of many of these is rarely consistent year on year, we do try to get the same Heartnut cultivars for example but scion wood can be limited and we might wait a couple of years to get the same ones.