Trees to Buy

We now have a range of cultivated Juglans and Carya available for sale to help promote these fantastic nuts. Although we’ve selected these trees for their fruiting qualities they also make spectacular trees.

These trees are sourced from a specialist nursery in the Netherlands, De Smallekamp who hold a Dutch National collection of Carya and who have over 140 different cultivars & species of Juglans, both ornamental and fruit varieties. They graft annually to order and supply in June and we can order any of the trees on request but we will also stock cultivars we believe are well suited to our climate.

In the past most cultivars of Juglans regia in the UK are of French or US origin, only recently have cultivars from Northern Europe and beyond been tried and then only a few limited cultivars. Whilst a limited range of those varieties are available in the UK and can be successful we want to offer a range of nuts to the connoisseur that are almost all new to the UK. All these nuts are grown in other countries and we believe have the characteristics to succeed with us.

The majority of the walnuts are self-fertile and a number are smaller less vigorous trees for more restricted areas and include a range of walnuts with fruit of all sizes from normal size nuts seen in the greengrocers, to large desert nuts, giant nuts (best eaten fresh) and even Red nuts.

We also have Heartnuts, Buartnuts, Hicans, Ultra Northern Pecans and Black Walnuts & Hickories to order.

In addition to these Dutch grafted trees we also import grafted trees from Bulgaria each autumn, these are gnerally commercial fruiting varieties for large plantings, generally bare-rooted. We can advise on varieties to order depending on required outcome (Fruit or Oil) and supply French, US, Hungarian & Bulgarian cultivars.