Mitchell Buartnut

Buartnuts (Juglans x brixby) are a hybrid between the butternut (Juglans cinerea) and the heartnut (Juglans ailantifolia) and have the flavour of the butternut and hardiness of the both.  They  occur naturally in the USA where heartnuts have been planted alongside the native butternut, however you need grafted cultivars to get the best nut.

Like all walnuts they need good drainage and deep soil in a sunny position, protection from frost in the first couple of years is a good idea, trees can reach 10-15m high and 10m wide.

VarietyDescription  Availability
DimaNew selection from teh Netherlands, more information to followSeptember 2022
MitchellFrom Scotland, Ontario a robust hybrid between the Butternut (Juglans cinerea) and the Heartnut (Juglans ailantifolia). This hybrid is self-pollinating and has very good resistance against disease. A strong fast growing tree producing medium sized nuts fairly easy to crack. Better pollination with Heartnuts CW1 or Imschu.
September 2022