Trees & Trials

We have created our new orchard largely using trees already available in the UK, some of the varieties have known history in the UK but largely in the South East of England only.

We were presented with the dilemma of what to plant and in which quantities, for many varieties finding details of their leafing out and flowering times was very difficult or virtually impossible.  The varieties below were all available in quantity and the majority were planted as 2 year grafted trees, pot grown and between 1.5-2.5m high.

Main Orchard Walnut Varieties

Red DanubeSaturnSheinovo (Sheynovo,Sejnovo)Sieferdorfer


Most of the trials were small 1 year grafts, some B/R some pot grown, all selected because of their potential either as desert nuts or for oil content, many are Red Kernelled.

Trial Walnut Varieties

Alsoszentivani 117Alsoszentivani BonifacAlsoszentivani KeseiAufhauser Baden
Buzsaki PirosbeluChiaraFernetteFernor
Hekman's GlorieHospozinIzvor 10Jinboxiang 1
KanonskogelLange van LodLange WapperLake
Milotai 10Mini Multiflora no. 9Mini Multiflora no. 14No.26 Geisenheim
Osogo Best 1501PerushtinskiPlovdivskiProslavski
Red RiefRed SealRote GublerRote Linzer
SilistrenskiSlivenskiWisnicz Czerwony

Other Nuts

In addition to the English/Persian Walnuts we have been planting other cultivated Juglans & Carya trees we believe will be successful with us here.

All of the trees have come from De Smallekamp in the Netherlands and have been selected based on their experience and data from Canada and the Northern US States.  Although many of these nuts have been bred in a continental climate they appear to be doing well in Western Europe, time will tell of course.

For Pecans – N = Northern & U.N. = Ultra Northern

Black Walnut - BicentennialBlack Walnut - Thomas
Butternut - ChamberlinButternut - Kenworthy
Heartnut - Cambell CW1Heartnut - Cambell CW4Heartnut - Grimo Manchurican
Heartnut - ImschuHeartnut - SchubertHeartnut - Stealth
Buartnut - Mitchell
Hican - BurtonHican - MarquardtHican - NT92
Hican - Vernon
Sharbark Hickory - GraingerShagbark Hickory - Yoder
U.N.Pecan - Carlson 3N.Pecan - KanzaU.N.Pecan - Lucas
U.N.Pecan - MullahyU.N.Pecan - SnapsU.N.Pecan - Starking Hardy Giant
U.N.Pecan - Warren 346