Trees & Trials

We have created our new orchard largely using trees already available in the UK, some of the varieties do have known history in the UK but largely in the South East of England only.

We were presented with the dilemma of what to plant and in which quantities and for many varieties finding details of their leafing out and flowering times was very difficult or virtually impossible.  The varieties below were mostly all available in quantity and the majority were planted as 2 year grafted trees, pot grown and between 1.5-2.5m high.  The two Hungarian cultivars Bonifac & Kesei were grafted to order and show great promise if they be supplied in quantity.

Main Orchard Walnut Varieties

JupiterLaraMarsSaturn (reduced No.)

We have a large collection of trial English Walnuts (Juglans regia) and broad selection of other Juglans species and cultivars.

In addition we have many Carya, including grafted cultivars of Pecans, Hickories, Hicans as well as species Hickories.  A full list of all our trees including trials can be found on the ‘Our Orchard‘ page.