Trees now in stock

We’ve  now got our first batch trees, mostly walnuts but also a small amount of Heartnuts, Hicans and a Buartnut.

We’ve also taken delivery of some more trial varieties if Walnut and a few new Heartnuts but the really interesting  trees are some butternut and some northern pecans.  De Smallekamp have these growing and fruiting in the Netherlands and we’re very hopeful we will be able to do the same!

New Delivery of Trees

We’ve just received our delivery from Holland and now have stock of trees.  These have all been grafted this spring and are in 2L pots (shortly to re-potted), generally between 30-60cm high.

We have a dozen different walnuts including Red Kernels & Giant nuts along with Dwarf trees, Heartnuts, Buartnuts & Hicans ansd most trees are new to the UK but growing in Europe.  Details to follow shortly.