Known traditionally as English or Persian walnuts, our range of Juglans regia cultivars is available 50-70cm 1 year old grafted trees or 1.2m Bare-Rooted grafted trees (in season)

They should fruit within 3-4 years, the Bare-Rooted probably within 2, plant 2 or more trees to ensure good pollination.

Depedning on the trees chosen you will need appropriate pollination, ask for advice.  If you already have local walnuts close by that will aid pollination if the male flowers coincide.

If we have Bare-Root trees in stock in spring we will often pot them in 10-12L containers, ask for availability

All cultivars are priced at £30 for this pot grown and £22.50 for bare-rooted trees, large pots subject to pricing confirmation.

Variety / CultivarDescription
Bare Rooted 1.2m approx
DryanovoStrong growing dome shaped open tree, leafs out mid season, fairly early flowering. Large nuts (upto 16g) with a lovely colour and taste and high oil content (upto 75%). Sheinovo pollinator
Izvor 10Semi-upright tree, very cold tolerant. Excellent resistance to walnut anthracnose and walnut blight. Excellent tasting oblong nuts with a thin shell. Similar yield to Fernette.
PerushtinskiBroad domed tree with open canopy, early cropping with medium nut (10.4g), good flavour high oil content.
SheinovoVigorous spreading tree. Large oval thin shell with honey/straw coloured kernal, high oil content. Lower yield than Izvor 10. Good polliniser and partially self-fertile.
SilistrenskiMedium small crowned tree, loose light structure. Medium late flowering. Large nut with thick shell cracks out easily, straw yellow kernel with high oil content.
SlivenskiLarge strong growing tree with broad open crown. Early leafing but late flowering. Very large nut with straw coloured kernel high in oil with a good flavour.
Bare Rooted 1.2m approx