Black Walnuts

Another juglans native to N. America, as with most walnuts grafted trees are critical for large crackable nuts. Black walnut shells are very hard, these cultivars a bit more crackable and nuts more readily extractable.

A sunny site with deep well drained soil will produce a fast growing tall tree. They can be self-fertile but best to plant two or more.

Images of nuts on blocks courtesy of Arie Bruin of De Acht Plagen

VarietyDescription Availability
BicentenialSeedling of 'Thomas' with some of its characteristics. The original tree grows in Potsdam, NY. It is hardy, vigorous and productive. The nut is large and good cracking.TBA summer 2024
Emma K.Bears medium to large, thin shelled nuts of excellent flavour; and is heavy and early cropping
TBA summer 2024
LaciniataReckoned to be the best cut leaf form of a walnut, very rare ornamental tree, not for nuts.Yes in pots
ThomasVery large nut cracks out easily, thin shell. Bears early, annually, and heavily. Late vegetating. Anthracnose resistant.TBA summer 2024