Pecans & Hickories

Pecans (Carya illinoensis) are generally central southern US trees but there are varieties that have been selected for their ability to fruit in more Northern states (up to Canada) with as little as 160 frost free days. These are know as Northern or Ultra Northern Pecans.

We can also supply selected shagbark hickory cultivars to order (Carya ovata).

Like the Hicans, Pecans and Hickories leaf out mid season in the UK (Mid April – May usually) and need a sunny sheltered site with plenty of room, they can grown to 15m+ high and wide.

We have a few varieties available in very limited numbers most years although the varieties may change.  De Smallekamp have other varieties which we will be able to get in future years we hope, it is recommended that you order a couple of trees to aid pollination.

Anecdotally we understand that all these trees may cross pollinate if the timing is correct.

Carlson 3One of our earliest ripening cultivars but the nut is small. It cracks out in halves fairly well. Recommended for short season areas and a good partner for 'Snaps'.
DeerstandThe nuts are small at 101 per pound but, they shell well and have good color and eating qualities.
MartzahnSmall nuts, ultra northern variety
Cary ovata Yoder'Regular producer of very large (8.5 grams), thin shelled nuts that crack out whole halves. Precocious and bears heavy crops.